UDC 643.43-242
Putintsev S.V., Antonyuk P.N., Chirsky S.P.

Simulation and Prediction of Mechanical Losses in Reciprocating Engines Based on Similarity Theory
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 36.
Keywords: reciprocating internal combustion engine, similarity theory, friction, mechanical losses.

Dimensional analysis and P-theorem of similarity theory were used to derive dimensionless groups needed to simulate lubrication and friction processes in reciprocating internal combustion engine. This enabled to predict mechanical losses' power in engine.
1 table, - ill., 15 ref.
UDC 621.436.038
Patrakhaltsev N.N., Strashnov S.V., Kornev B.A., Melnick I.S.

Control of Diesel Engine by Switching off Cylinders or Cycles
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 712.
Keywords: diesel engines, switching off cylinders, transients, alternative fuels.

Diesel engine may be controlled by cutting fuel to individual cylinders (cylinder groups) or cycles. Such an approach may be used to improve fuel efficiency at low/zero loads and engine dynamic performance. Also, it contributes in enhancement of range of applicable alternative fuels, particularly, low-cetane ones.
1 table, 7 ill., 14 ref.
UDC 621.43
Lashko V.A., Passar A.V.

Shaping of Francis Turbine Air-Gas Channel in an Engine Turbocharger
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 1319.
Keywords: reciprocating internal combustion engine, impulse turbine, analysis method.

The authors offer comprehensive method of shaping air-gas channel in Francis turbine featuring a turbocharger. It is based on mathematical simulation of axially symmetrical vortex flow of compressible inviscid non-heat-conducting fluid. The method allows to evaluate design configuration of Francis turbine air-gas channel.
2 table, 6 ill., 9 ref.
UDC 621.43.052
Tsyplenkin G.E., Iovlev V.I., Sukharev A.N.

Effect of IMO Tier III Emission-Reducing Technologies On Turbocharging System
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 2025.
Keywords: marine engines, emissions, variable geometry turbo.

Compliance of marine engines with IMO Tier III NOx emission targets may be achieved with either external (SCR) or internal (e. g., exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) technologies. In both cases controllable turbocharging system is essential.
- table, 12 ill., 1 ref.
UDC 621.431
Saidanov V.O., Stolyarchuk L.V., Asanov A.Yu.

Method of Internal Combustion Engine Diagnosing
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 2630.
Keywords: industrial engines, maintenance periodicity, diagnostics, structural-logical modelling.

The article discusses maintenance schedule of diesel engine based on its actual condition rather than time-based. To this purpose the authors elaborated a method of engine diagnosing and prediction based on structural-logical modelling.
3 table, 7 ill., 3 ref.
UDC 504.055
Volkodaeva M.V., Levkin A.V.

Urban Noise Mapping Based on Observation of Automobile Traffic Flows Intensity
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 3134.
Keywords: traffic flows, noise pollution, noise reduction methods.

The article offers quantitative characteristic of urban noise pollution with traffic flows and ways of its mitigation. Urban noise mapping may be carried out in several stages, based on observation of traffic flows.
- table, 2 ill., 6 ref.
UDC 621.431.74
Yemelyanov M.D.

Analysis of Failures in Marine Propulsion Engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 3539.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, failure incidence, failure-susceptible components.

Statistics of marine diesel engine failures for the period since 1998 to 2007 was analyzed. The analysis yielded most failure-susceptible components, typical failure modes and causes, taking account of propeller type.
2 table, 3 ill., 1 ref.
UDC 621.436:21.565.94:62-192
Bashurov B.P., Tormashev D.S.

Estimated Service Life of Marine Diesel Engine Auxiliary Pump
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 4041.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, pumps, service life, models and evaluation criteria.

The article discusses potential service life of marine diesel engine auxiliary pump at various phases of its life cycle. Offered are models and evaluation criteria of potential service life of a pump within overhaul period.
2 table, 1 ill., 2 ref.
UDC 621.436
Melnik G.V.

Clean Air Technologies and Alternative Fuels for Transport Diesel Engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2011. 3. P. 4254.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, emission regulations, low emission technologies.

Suggested survey covers various technologies of lowering engine emissions, to bring them to compliance with new stricter regulations. Technologies to meet oncoming environmental legislation include improvement in combustion, turbocharging and fuel injection systems. Exhaust aftertreatment systems are demonstrated as essential for operation in emission control areas (ECA).
- table, 11 ill., - ref.