UDC 621.443
Tuzov L.V., Ganin N.B., Pryakhin A.S.

Ideal Thermodynamic Cycle for Reciprocating Engine with Isochoric and Isothermal Heat Supply
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 36.
Keywords: ideal thermodynamic cycle, isochoric and isothermal heat supply, integral and differential characteristics of cycle.

The authors offer ideal thermodynamic cycle for reciprocating engine with isochoric and isothermal heat supply, which ensures constancy of maximum cycle temperature in isothermal expansion phase. Constant heat supply rate is shown to be a prerequisite for constant maximum cycle temperature. The cycle may be used as a basis for combustion technology to be implemented in new low-NOx diesel engines.
1 table, 5 ill., 7 ref.
UDC 621.431.73
Gusarov V.V., Avtayev F.V.

Balancing W8 Engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 713.
Keywords: W8 engine, crank throw arrangement versions, forces and moments of inertia.

The article discusses crank throw arrangement versions for W8 engine, which ensure equal time period between successive firing strokes at various V-angles. Quantitative assessment of impact from unbalanced forces and moments of reciprocating masses' inertia is carried out. Methods are put forward to offset such disturbances.
3 tables, 4 ill., 4 ref.
UDC 621.43.038-047.37
Konkov A.Yu., Yarantsev M.V.

Assessment of Wear in HP Fuel Pump Plunger Pairs at an Early Stage
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 1418.
Keywords: diesel engine, HP fuel pump, fuel supply system, plunger pair, wear, diagnostics.

The authors offer a method of early detection of surface wear in HP fuel pump plunger pairs. The method does not involve removal or dismantling of fuel pump. Results of analyses and tests are presented.
- tables, 5 ill., 11 ref.
Contents 2015
UDC 621.43.068.8
Pushnin V.P.

Structure of Nanoscale Spherical Soot Particles
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 1925.
Keywords: soot in diesel engine, conditions of primary particle generation, globular aggregate density, particle structure.

Hypotheses of primary soot particle shape and structure are considered. Taking account of primary particle generation conditions, its most likely shape is crystal grain. Experiments had been carried out that enabled determination of density and electric resistance of globular soot aggregates generated during combustion of diesel and heavy oil. The aggregates were found to be inhomogeneous in depth. High-density shell of a particle may consist of surface-oriented crystals, while its nucleus density is relatively lower due to presence of mineral components.
2 table, 6 ill., 27 ref.
UDC 621.436.001
Patrakhaltsev N.N., Anoshina T.S., Kamyshnikov R.O.

Improvement in Engine Fuel Efficiency and Emission Performance at Low Loads by means of Displacement Control
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 2629.
Keywords: diesel engine, low load operation, fuel efficiency, emission performance, displacement control.

The article discusses a way to improve engine fuel efficiency and emission performance at low loads through displacement control by means of cutting fuel to part of cylinders or controllable combustion miss. Efficiency of the method was evaluated based on universal characteristics of diesel engine type KAMAZ-7456 determined experimentally.
- table, 7 ill., 5 ref.
UDC 62-932.2
Jivlyuk G.E., Petrov A.P.

Reserves of Improvement in Emission Performance of Marine Diesel Engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 3034.
Keywords: marine diesel power units, operation conditions, fuel delivery equipment, emission performance.

Known technologies enhancing engine emission performance were examined for applicability to existing marine diesel power units in operation. In particular, said goal may be achieved through replacement of existing conventional fuel atomizers with innovative mechanical ones featuring two-phase injection. Better emission performance may be achieved by using catalyst installed in specially shaped atomizer casing.
- table, 3 ill., 7 ref.
Contents 2015
UDC 669.13:621.787.4
Marukovich E.I., Bevza V.F., Grusha V.P., Krasny V.A.

Improvement in Structure Formation Technologies as a Means to Enhance Cast Iron Parts Quality
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 3540.
Keywords: directional solidification, dislocation, thermal treatment, macro- and micro-flaws, cast iron microstructure.

A variety of factors affecting formation of low-alloy flaked graphite grey iron blanks are shown to influence structure, life span and performance of diesel engine principal parts. It is demonstrated that directional solidification method may considerably extend service life of engine parts.
2 table, 5 ill., 10 ref.
UDC 621.43
Melnik G.V.

Review of Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide 2014 Publications
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 4150.
Keywords: Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide, alternative gaseous fuels, flow-metering technologies and instrumentation, noxious emissions.

Reviewed are Diesel & Gas Turbine Worldwide 2014 publications, with focus on fuel efficiency and environmental safety improvement through more extensive use of gaseous fuels. It is emphasized that more efficient use of alternative gaseous fuels requires new measurement methods, primarily, media flow and emission sensors.
2 table, 9 ill., - ref.
UDC 621.436

News from JSC Zvezda
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2015. 1. P. 51.
Keywords: JSC Zvezda, engine M150.

First Public Presentation of New Russian Diesel Engine Type 150.
table, 1 ill., - ref.
Contents 2015