Development of Gas-Cleaning Equipment

Our gas-cleaning equipment plants, in operation and tests of engines and vehicles designed for standard conditions and special applications characterized by limited air exchange.

Neutralizing Exhaust Gas Filter for City Bus
  • arrests up to 50% of particles, and provides protection of catalytic converters;

  • provides conversion rates: for CO 95%, for CH 90%.
NOx conversion in reactor of cold plasma
  • restores 35-60 % NO to nitrogen;

  • provides degree of conversion CO and Đ═ on 80 %.
Catalytic converters
  • temperature of an external surface no more than 60 ░C at change of temperature exhaust 120-450 ░C;

  • provides degree of conversion CO and CH on 90%.
The device of clearing and cooling of exhaust:
  • ˝learing of exhaust of aerosols, particles on: 45-50%;

  • cooling of the exhaust to 70 ░C;

  • fbsorption of water-soluble impurity (SOx, NOx) on 60%;

  • exhaust backpressure no more 3,0 kPa.
EMISSION CONTROL EQUIPMENT: for control for certification
TESTS OF DIESEL ENGINES: certification tests