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The authors

The editorial staff draws the authors' attention to topical classification of papers to be submitted. The manuscripts shall be duly structured and meet the requirements specified below. "Dvigatelestroyeniye" is quarterly magazine dedicated to reciprocating engines' development, designing, manufacturing and operation.

Papers published in "Dvigatelestroyeniye" are split into the following sections:
analyses, development and construction of engines;
engine systems and units;
construction materials;
engine fuels, lube oils & additives;
maintenance and repair issues;
automation and diagnostics;
environmental issues;
hypotheses and discussions;
historical data of engine constructions, companies, and prime mover science;
reviews and reference data.

Author(s) shall inform the editorial staff of any previous submittals or publications of paper in question, which might possibly be considered as its multiple publications or duplicates.

Manuscript shall be attached with company recommendation (approval) or act from expert commission certifying that paper in question contains no data forbidden for open publication.

The following information of author(s), essential for manuscript publication and subsequent submittal to National Electronic Library, s hall be bundled with a manuscript submitted:
each author's first name, patronymic and family name (both in Russian and English);
position, academic degree, academic rank;
full name of each author's company (subjective case), place of registration (country, city) (both in Russian and English);
full postal address of actual place of work;
mailing address, phone number and email for contacts.

We are planning to provide the subscribers more information of our authors, who therefore are encouraged to enclose their photographs (colour or monochrome) sized at least 34 cm. Photographs may also be submitted in electronic version (*.TIF or *.JPG).

Requirements to manuscript

The manuscript should not exceed 23000 characters, including tables, formulae and bibliography.
The manuscript shall be submitted in two copies A4-format (210 mm x 297 mm), font Times New Roman 12, vertical spacing 1.5, bundled with electronic version on CD (in Microsoft Word 2000/2003), fully identical to paper copy.

Title of the paper shall be brief (not exceeding 120 characters) and authentically reflect its content.
The manuscript shall be bundled with keywords and abstract, summarizing goals and results of work in question in brief and precise manner.
The abstract shall be 700 to 1200 characters in size.
UDC code is essential.
Title of an article, keywords and abstract shall be submitted both in Russian and English.

Illustrations such as diagrams, tables or pictures shall be submitted as addenda to the manuscript.
Every addendum shall be submitted as separate sheets (in paper version) and separate files (in electronic version). They shall be numbered in reference order and captioned.
Every notation to the illustrations shall be explained either in body text or captions, and refer to the same item as similar notation in the body text.
Electronic versions of illustrations shall be submitted as separate files in *.TIF or *.JPG formats (gray level images, definition 300 dpi or more).
Every addendum shall be submitted as separate sheets (in paper version) and separate files (in electronic version) even if included in the body text of the manuscript.

Mathematical expressions, chemical equations, etc., may be limited to those essential for clear understanding of authors' message, while detailed process of equation development may be omitted.
Every notation used in formulae shall be explained. Formulae shall only contain common notations according to International system of units (GOST 8.417-2002. State system for ensuring the uniformity of measurements. Units of quantities).
Electronic version shall only contain formulae composed with equation editor Microsoft Equation 3.0. (each formula shall be presented as a single block in a separate line); equation editor formulae or pictures placed within a text line are not acceptable.
Authors are responsible for formulae setup correctness.

References and bibliography shall be presented according to GOST R 7.0.5-2008.

Special fonts used in manuscript, if any, shall be bundled with the manuscript in electronic form.

Manuscripts that do not comply with the above requirement may be corrected by editorial staff for fee.

Submitted manuscripts are subjects to reviewing by experts..
If an expert provide well-founded pointed remarks, the manuscript shall be returned to author(s) for revision. The editorial board reserves the right of editing text the manuscript, provided authors' idea is not affected. The editorial board reserves the right to publish well-founded pointed remarks concerning previously published materials, which remarks are open to discussion.

Copyright for a paper submitted is with its author(s). Responsibility for content of the paper lies with its author(s) as well. Reproduction of any paper in part or in full is only allowed with reference to the magazine.

Postgraduates are entitled to free of charge publications of manuscripts prepared in compliance with the above requirements.

Submitted manuscripts are not returned to author(s).

Our contacts:
"Dvigatelestroyeniye" editorial board
Postal address: 190020, Saint-Petersburg, Box 9
DVIGATELESTROYENIYE Editorial Board The authors Subscription Journal archive News archive Contact