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JSC ZVEZDA: 75th Anniversary
UDC 621.436.7
Plavnick P.G.

JSC ZVEZDA: 75th Anniversary
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 3–7.
Keywords: JSC ZVEZDA.

In February 2007 JSC ZVEZDA, one of the leading Russian engine builders, celebrated its 75th anniversary. In total, the company produced over 10 000 marine diesel engines and diesel-generators for more than 3000 vessels.
- table, 6 ill., - ref.
UDC 621.436.7
Utkin K.Yu.

JSC ZVEZDA: Product Line Projections
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 8–11.
Keywords: JSC ZVEZDA, power units.

In the opinion of ZVEZDA specialists, future development of its product line shall accommodate implementation of microprocessor-based engine controls featuring automatic diagnostic function, and comprehensive power units, which substantially simplifies design and manufacturing of engine-powered vessels and power plants.
- table, 3 ill., - ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43.01
Valishin A.G., Poroshina S.O.

Simulation of Engine Cylinder Liner Vibration Using Electromechanical Analogy Method
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 12–14.
Keywords: cylinder liner.

The article presents a cylinder liner simulation model, and the results of its verification.
1 table, 4 ill., 4 ref.
UDC 621.431.73
Yenikeyev R.D.

Knowledge Base for Reciprocating Engine Design
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 15–20.
Keywords: knowledge base, engine design.

The article discusses the development of knowledge database that could be used in reciprocating engine design, with particular stress on respiratory system. Principles are substantiated of knowledge database arrangement and interaction of its core components.
- table, 3 ill., 4 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.431
Dragomirov S.G., Dragomirov M.S.

Main Trends in Car Engines Development for the Last Decade (Years 1996˜2005)
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 21–25.
Keywords: car engines.

According to the review of main trends in car engines development for the period of 1996-2005, share of diesel-powered vehicles worldwide keeps growing, and for the moment it reached 22%.
- table, 10 ill., 7 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43.031.3
Tsiplenkin G.E., Deutch R.S., Kozhenkov A.A.

High Pressure Compressor Stage for Gas Turbine Unit Rated at 2.5 MW
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 26–29.
Keywords: turbine unit, centrifugal compressor.

Increase in gas turbine unit rating and enhancement of its performance call for further improvements in its components, in particular, centrifugal compressor. Optimization of GTU compressor stage in terms of strength and vibration resistance has been carried out with 3-D computer modelling.
- table, 8 ill., 2 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.436
Terekhin ˜.N., Slesarenko I.V., Ghorlanov A.V., Pchelnikov D.P., Razuvaev A.V.

Self-contained Power Plants with Turbocharged Reciprocating Engines and Gas Turbines
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 30–33.
Keywords: energy supply (cogeneration) systems.

The article discusses the prospects of future development of distributed energy supply (cogeneration) systems featuring reciprocating engines and gas turbines (diesel engine with heat recovery system utilizing heat of exhaust gas, oil and cooling water).
- table, 4 ill., 7 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 634.0.36
Suranov G.I., Shahtarov Yu. A., Prischepov V.A.

Wear-Free Transfer as a Means of Vehicle Engine Service Life Enhancement
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 34–38.
Keywords: engine parts.

The article deals with frictional behaviour of principal engine parts; presented are the results of brass piston rings testing, making use of selective transfer effect.
5 table, 1 ill., 3 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43.01
Do Duc Luu, Mai Van Chinh.

Modelling of Ship Propulsion Train for Optimization of Its Operating Characteristics
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 39–42.
Keywords: ship propulsion train, mathematical ties.

The authors developed reference and current models of ship propulsion train for optimization of its operating characteristics from the viewpoint of its components' interaction. The models are presents in the form of enhanced twin diagram with mathematical ties that could be easily monitored during field operation.
- table, 1 ill., 7 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.436
Raevsky P.

Lowering of Sulphur Oxide Contents in Exhaust Gas of Marine Diesel Engine
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 43–45.
Keywords: engine exhaust gas, gas scrubbing.

Use of high-sulphur fuels (with sulphur concentration over 1.5%) calls for technologies that would lower sulphur contents in engine exhaust gas. Gas scrubbing with sea water is one of the simplest and most efficient methods. Efficiency of said technology is tested on a variety of marine engines onboard.
1 table, 2 ill., - ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43.057
Gorodetsky V.F., Pustovoy I.F, Shabanov A.Yu., Sidorov A.A.

˜Avtomineral˜ Running-in Technology for High-Speed Automobile Engines
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 40–42.
Keywords: automobile engines.

The article discusses comparative engine tests employing various running-in technologies.
- table, 8 ill., - ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43
Melnik G.V.

Fuel cells
// Dvigatelestroeniye. —2007. —Ή 1. — P. 50–54.

- table, - ill., - ref.
Contents 2007

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