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UDC 621.432
Dragomirov S.G., Dragomirov M.S.

Forecasting of Performance Level of Reciprocating Engine under Design
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 3–6.
Keywords: car and tractor engines.

A new computer data retrieval CAD system is designed to facilitate system analysis of modern engine development, based on principal performance characteristics of car and tractor engines. A method is offered for engine performance evaluation that enables selection of engine parameters and prediction of its principal operating values.
- table, 2 ill., 4 ref.
UDC 621.43.019.25
Zlotin G.N., Prikhodkov K.V., Shumsky S.N.

Development of Initial Heat Source in Homogeneous Air-Fuel Mixture within Reciprocating Engine Cylinder
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 7–10.
Keywords: spark ignition of air-fuel mixture.

A model is offered that describes formation of initial heat source caused by spark ignition of air-fuel mixture. The process of initial heat source formation is divided into three consequent time periods, depending on energy input and integral vorticity rate.
1 table, 1 ill., 13 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.431.74
Ilyina I.V., Klimov E.N., Kobeleva A.S.

Generalized Models of Wear Processes in Typical Units of Marine Engines
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 11–13.
Keywords: marine engine.

Dynamics of design resource consumption as applied to typical units of marine engines is a matter of interest of engine designers and operators. The results of this research may constitute a basis for systemic approach to generalization of said process.
- table, 4 ill., 2 ref.
UDC 621.436-232
Kosyrev S.P., Gorshkov E.A.

Simulation of Stress Patterns in Connecting Rod Piston End of High-Powered Diesel Engine
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 14–15.
Keywords: connecting rod, tensile load.

Stresses developing in connecting rod piston end of high-powered diesel engine have been simulated with photoelasticity method on a flat model. This simulation yielded isochore patterns (on qualitative level) and stress distribution diagram (on qualitative level) in a connecting rod under tensile load.
- table, 3 ill., 1 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43.031.3
Chetvertakov V.A.

Modular Stirling Engine
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 16–19.
Keywords: Stirling engine.

This work offers an alternative kinematical outlay of the engine that entails no over-strict manufacturing precision requirements. The mechanism in question is a module consisting of two b-engines connected to one crank. Such modular approach allows to yield a Stirling engine that would develop required power at moderate levels of actuating medium pressure and temperature.
- table, 8 ill., 2 ref.
UDC 621.891.22
Fedorov A.A., Bytev D.O., Novikov V.G., Kuznetsov D.I.

Calculation of Temperature in the Area of Contact Between Cylinder Liner and the Upper Compression Ring of a Diesel Engine
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 20–25.
Keywords: cylinder liner, compression ring.

The authors researched physical basics of friction in the area of contact between cylinder liner and the upper compression ring, and offered a mathematical model of the above process. Based on this model, they calculated temperature in friction pair ˜cylinder liner˜upper˜ compression ring, which enables definition of critical operating conditions for this pair.
2 table, 7 ill., 10 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.436
Lazarev V.E., Malozemov A.A., Bondar V.N.

The method of estimation of intensity of wears and service life of precision interface of nozzle spray in diesels
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 26–29.
Keywords: atomizer.

The article discusses thermal effects of friction between contacting surfaces of a precision fuel atomizer, which involve thermal and mechanical loads causing contact layer deformation. Life time of atomizer is evaluated as a function of surface layer cyclic fatigue.
- table, - ill., 5- ref.
UDC 621.431.73
Vasilyev A.V., Sidorov D.V.

Cam Shaping in Valve Timing and Fuel Injection Systems of Reciprocating Engines
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 30–33.
Keywords: cam/follower pair.

Numerical method of cam shaping as applied to valve timing and fuel injection systems is offered, which ensures reliable operation of a cam/follower pair.
- table, 6 ill., 4 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.436
Lashko V.A., Konkov A.Yu.

Analytical Correction of Actual TDC Position as Defined from Engine Indicator Diagram
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 34–38.
Keywords: actual TDC.

Considered are sources of discrepancy between the positions of actual TDC and peak cylinder pressure on indicator diagram time axis. Based thereupon, a method of correction of actual TDC position is offered, taking account of actuating medium leakages and heat exchange in the cylinder. An implementation algorithm of the method in question is offered.
- table, 3 ill., 5 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.436.068: 621.762.+536.46
Novoselov A.L., Melbert A.A., Zhuikova A.A.

Cleaning Efficiency of Porous Gas Filters as a Function of Their Characteristics
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 39–42.
Keywords: exhaust cleaning.

The article discusses influence of porous gas filter characteristics on exhaust cleaning efficiency, as well as dispersivity and structure of solids particles.
3 table, 7 ill., 6 ref.
UDC 621.43.057
Khvatov V.F.

Comparative Analysis of Air Pollution from Vehicles in Saint-Petersburg for the Last Decade
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 43–46.
Keywords: atmospheric pollution.

The article analyses the reasons of high atmospheric pollution level in Saint-Petersburg for the period of years 1996 to 2006. It is demonstrated that air pollution intensity might be considerably reduced, even with maximum traffic intensity allowed by existing road network capacity, on conditions that car motors would meet Euro-2 (existing) and Euro-3 (oncoming) requirements. ˜˜˜˜-3.
2 table, 5 ill., 10 ref.
Contents 2007
UDC 621.43
Melnik G.V.

Renewable energy sources
// Dvigatelestroeniye. — 2007. — Ή 3. — P. 47–51.
Keywords: energy sources.

- table, 2 ill., - ref.
Contents 2007

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