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UDC 621.43.01:543.42.062
Chesnokov S.A., Frolov N.N., Berezin V.A.

Flame Spectroscopy Facilitates Analysis of Combustion Process
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 3–8.
Keywords: Keywords: reciprocating engines, fuel combustion, chemical turbulent heat-mass exchange, flame spectroscopy, measurement of radicals' radiation.

An investigation into fuel combustion in engine cylinder has been carried out, based on flame spectroscopy in ultraviolet spectrum range, where soot radiation is next to zero. The tests includes registration of radiation intensity of OH and CH radicals, whose role in fuel combustion is critical. The results witness that adopted pattern of chemical reactions in engine cylinder is sufficiently authentic to be used for quantitative analysis of pollutants' generation during fuel combustion.
4 table, 7 ill., 9 ref.
UDC 621.436
Rudakov V.Yu.

Fuel Jet Behaviour During Two-Phase Injection
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 9–11.
Keywords: high-speed filming, two-phase injection, fuel jet, unevenness of fuel jet components' motion.

Fuel jet behaviour during two-phase injection into a cold calorimetric bomb was visualized using a high-speed video camera. The results had formed a basis upon which a method of analysis of fuel jet behaviour in engine cylinder was developed.
- table, 6 ill., 5 ref.
Contents 2011
UDC 621.43.052
Tsiplnekin G.E., Iovlev V.I, Kozhenkov A.A., Sukharev A.N.

High Pressure Ratio Turbochargers as Presented in CIMAC 2010 papers
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 12–18.
Keywords: supercharge systems, turbochargers, pressure ratio, air pollutant emission.

A number of papers presented at CIMAC 2010 considered contents of air pollutants, primarily NOx, in engine exhaust as a function of supercharge system configuration and turbocharger design. According to the authors, strict emission regulations may be met through the use of Miller cycle in combination with high pressure ratio turbochargers. Performance characteristics of some modern high pressure ratio turbochargers are presented.
- table, 15 ill., 3 ref.
UDC 621.536.24
Medvedev V.V., Kovalev M.V., Sudarev B.V., Tsurikov N.A.

Compact Heat-Recovery Water Boilers for Diesel Engines and Gas Turbines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 19–23.
Keywords: power unit, heat recovery, heat transfer augmentation, turbulators.

The article discusses alternative ways of how to enhance heat exchange in a heat-recovery boiler with a view to reduce its size and steel intensity. Wire- and ribbon-type spiral turbulators are demonstrated as means to reduce a heat exchanger by 25–30 % in volume and 35–40 % in mass.
1 table, 5 ill., 18 ref.
Contents 2011
UDC 621.89.012.7
Shabanov A.Yu., Zaitsev A.B., Kudinov I.S., Metelev A.A.

Petrol Engine Performance as a Function of Lube Oil Properties
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 24–28.
Keywords: motor oil, viscosity curve, high-temperature viscosity.

Results are presented of life tests of different lube oils varying in grade and viscosity. Influence of some physicochemical oil properties on engine performance is considered. Motor oil selection methods are identified with regard to engine design features.
- table, 7 ill., 2 ref.
Contents 2011
UDC 621.892:621.436
Nadezhkin A.V.

Safe Operation of Cross-Head Marine Diesel Engines Based on Tribological Monitoring
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 29–32.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, cylinder oil, tribological monitoring, wear particles, diagnostics.

Tribological monitoring allowed to identify interrelation between wear particles' content in cylinder oil and diesel engine operability. Wear of piston-cylinder-unit parts with different cylinder oils was studied.
2 table, 3 ill., 4 ref.
Contents 2011
UDC 621.33;621.43
Grabovsky A.A.

Innovative Reciprocating Engine Thermodynamic Cycle
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 33–36.
Keywords: reciprocating engine, crank mechanism, duplicated kinematic connections, thermodynamic cycle, high expansion ratio.

The article discusses factors critical for engine fuel efficiency and environmental performance. The authors offered an innovative thermodynamic cycle and kinematic diagram of an engine to implement such cycle, based on a crank mechanism with duplicated kinematic connections. It is demonstrated that better environmental performance may be attained due to higher expansion ratio and work medium «internal cooling».
- table, 6 ill., 4 ref.
UDC 621.785
Sheromov L.A.

Crankless Reciprocating Engine
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 37–38.
Keywords: reciprocating engine, kinematic diagram, linear current generator.

The article describes a crankless reciprocating engine, where a linear current generator is directly driven by work medium energy.
- table, 1 ill., 1 ref.
Contents 2011
UDC 621.436
Melnik G.V.

New Diesel and Gas Engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2011. — ¹ 1. — P. 40–49.
Keywords: diesel engines, gas engines, fuel efficiency increase, reduction of noxious emissions, Miller–Atkinson cycle.

The article continues the series of surveys of 26th CIMAC Congress papers. Technomot Ltd, UK, developed a brand new family of heavy duty diesel and dual fuel gas engines, from 6 cylinder inline to 12 cylinder Vee configuration, up to 1800 rpm. GE Jenbacher GmbH, Austria, presented a new high-pressure turbo charging approach with advanced Miller–Atkinson timing as applied to new GE-Jenbacher gas engines.
- table, 21 ill., 2 ref.

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