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OAO RUMO Celebrates 140th Anniversary
UDC 621.431
Limonov A.K.

OAO RUMO a History 140 years-long
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 311.
Keywords: Velser & Co Engineering Works, Dvigatel Revolyutsii, OAO RUMO, 140th Anniversary.

Velser & Co Engineering Works, founded in 1874 in Riga, was later relocated to Nizhny Novgorod and renamed into Dvigatel Revolyutsii (Prime Mover of Revolution). Today it is known as OAO RUMO. Nowadays the Company retains proprietary diesel engines' production, along with manufacturing of licensed MAN engines, thus participating in international cooperation.
1 table, 15 ill., - ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.431
Ryzhov V.A. and Pechenin V.V.

Improvements in Type 1649 Diesel Engines Powering Type 112000 Two-Engine Propulsion Unit Used in Series 20380 Corvette
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 1219.
Keywords: medium-speed marine diesel engine, two-engine propulsion unit, transients, exhaust gas opacity, improvements in control systems, two-stage sectional turboboost.

Presented are the results of Kolomna Works project targeted at designing and improvement of medium-speed marine diesel engines type 1649 powering two-engine propulsion unit type 1 12000. In particular, the research included identification of a cause of smoky exhaust of engine (driving fixed pitch propeller through a gearbox) during transients. Smoke in exhaust was mitigated through use of low-inertia turbocharge systems, grouping of exhaust manifolds into individual sections, and optimization of engine loading ramp rate.
- table, 7 ill., - ref.
UDC 621.431
Rumb V.K.

Minimum Permissible Safety Factor in Structural Analysis of Diesel Engine Parts: Theoretical Approach
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 2025.
Keywords: diesel engine parts, safety factor, analytical calculations, fatigue fracture probability.

A method is offered for analytical calculations of safety factor as applied to diesel engine parts, based on given probability of fatigue fracture prevention.
- tables, 3 ill., 6 ref.
UDC 621.436.12
Lartsev A.M.

Performance of Forced Air-Cooled Engine Type -400
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 2629.
Keywords: air-cooled engine, engine uprating, performance, temperature measurement, estimation of thermal stress in cylinder head.

The result are given of investigation into type -400 air-cooled diesel engine performance when uprated to 500 BHP. Cylinder head reliability is estimated based on thermal stress therein.
2 tables, 2 ill., 4 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.434.038
Ter-Mkrtychyan G.G. and Mazing M.V.

Fuel Injection Systems of Car-and-Tractor Diesel Engines: Current Status and Projection
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 3035.
Keywords: diesel engines, air pollution limits, fuel injection systems, common rail system, pressure-boosted injector, fuel injection characteristics.

The article discusses progress in fuel injection systems of car-and-tractor diesel engines as a function of evolution in emission regulations. Common rail systems are shown as mainstream in modern diesel engines as far as mobile machinery is concerned. Also discussed is future development of accumulator systems with pressure-boosters, which combine advantages of common rail systems and hydraulically actuated pump-injector units.
- table, 5 ill., 7 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 55.42.31; 55.03.33
Zadorozhnaya E.A and Maslov A.P.

Virtual Tests as a Means to Design High-Powered Diesel Engine
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 3640.
Keywords: diesel engine, fuel injection systems, supercharge systems, heat exchangers, load-bearing parts, shell bearings, virtual tests, CALS/IP technologies.

The article discusses engineering solutions designed to uprate diesel engines type 13/15 produced by OOO -ʻ up to 75 BHP. Engineering solutions' efficiency was assessed by the results of virtual tests based on CALS/IP technologies.
1 table, 4 ill., 7 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.74.047
Marukovich E.I., Bevza V.F., Grusha V.G., and Krasny V.A.

Moulding of High-Chromium Cast Iron in Metallic Water-Cooled Moulds
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 4145.
Keywords: cast iron, directional solidification, cast product, thermal treatment, structure, hardness.

The article presents a new high-performance method of coreless tubular parts casting. A production process is developed, based on the analysis of high-chromium cast material structure.
2 table, 6 ill., 6 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.43
Masaaki Okubo, Takuya Kuwahara, Masashi Kawai, Tomoyuki Kuroki, Keiichiro Yoshida, Kenichi Hanamoto, Kazutoshi Sato

Total Marine Diesel Emission Control Technology Using Nonthermal Plasma Hybrid Process (Proceedings of CIMAC-2013)
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 1. P. 4656.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, NOx emission, IMO emission standard Tier III, nonthermal plasma generator, adsorptions/desorption cycles.

The article describes the research work carried out by Osaka Prefecture University and Daihatsu Diesel MFG. Co., Ltd., Japan, which resulted in the development of a PM and NOx simultaneous reduction aftertreatment system that employs a nonthermal plasma (NTP) hybrid process. Aftertreatment technology efficiency is ensured by periodical NOx adsorptions/desorption cycles. Marine diesel engine rated at 1100 kW @ 900 RPM featuring aftertreatment system with a nonthermal plasma generator is shown as able to meet IMO Tier 3 NOx emission standard. Nonthermal plasma generator power consumption does not exceed 5% of engine rated output. The paper was translated into Russian by G.Melnik, PhD.
2 table, 13 ill., 13 ref.
Contents 2014

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