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UDC 621.431
Chainov N.D. and Roussinkovsky S.Yu.

Analysis of Stationary Thermal Fields in Cylinder Heads & Valves
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 3–7.
Keywords: diesel engine, finite element method, valves and seats, heat exchange, consistent boundary conditions, mathematical simulation, 2D- & 3D-thermal fields.

The article discusses the essentials of simulation-based analyses of thermal, strain and stress fields in cylinder heads & valves. The description of simulation code elaborated by these authors is added with the results of 2D- & 3D-thermal field analyses.
- table, 6 ill., 6 ref.
UDC 621.43
Abyzov O.V., Galyshev Yu.V. and Shabanov A.Yu.

Mathematical Analysis of Hydrodynamic and Heat Exchange Processes in Diesel Engine Cylinder Head
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 8–10.
Keywords: diesel engine, cylinder head, coolant cavities, thermal field numerical simulation.

A method is offered for numerical simulation of hydrodynamic and heat exchange processes in cylinder head of a high-powered diesel engine. Presented are calculated thermal fields in cylinder head and coolant circulating therein for 4-stroke engine with bore/stroke ratio D/S = 15/17,5.
- tables, 5 ill., 9 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.434.038
Ter-Mkrtychyan G.G. and Mazing M.V.

Accumulator-based Fuel Supply Systems for High Cylinder Output Engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 11–15.
Keywords: diesel engine, emissions, fuel supply systems, accumulator-based fuel supply systems, modular solutions, built-in accumulator, injector.

Accumulator-based fuel supply systems from various manufacturers (Bosch, L'Orange and Duap) are reviewed. The article provides examples of modular solutions for fuel supply systems of industrial and marine diesel engines, differing in size and number of injection units.
- table, 6 ill., 6 ref.
UDC 621.43.052
Tsyplenkin G.E and Iovlev V.I.

Turbocharging System Optimization as a Means to Improve Engine Fuel Efficiency
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 16–22.
Keywords: turbocharger, turbocharging system performance, fuel efficiency, partial loads.

The article offers a survey of modern turbochargers from «Mitsubishi», «MAN Diesel Turbo», ABB, and «Honeywell». According to the survey, engine fuel efficiency at partial loads may be improved by 2–4 % due to turbocharging system optimization.
- table, 26 ill., 11 ref.
UDC 621.43.052
Smirnov A.V.

New Type of Turbocharger Bearing Support
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 23–25.
Keywords: internal combustion engine, turbocharger, bearing unit, support, failure causes.

Conventional types of turbocharger bearing supports (i. e., rolling and plain bearings) were examined for most likely causes of failure. Non-contacting bearing supports, viz., combined gas/magnetic bearings, are shown as the most promising solution.
- table, - ill., 9 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.43: 631.372: 681.518.3
Savchenko O.F., Alt V.V., Dobrolyubov I.P. and Olshevsky S.N.

Instrumentation and Means of Automatic Combustion Analysis for Diesel Engine Test Facilities
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 26–31.
Keywords: internal combustion engine, diagnostics, availability, fast processes, indicator diagram, pressure gauge, virtual instrument technology.

The article presents R and D results in the field of combustion process registration (indication) and analysis. Presented is an expert system based on virtual and intellectual technologies.
- table, 9 ill., 17 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.899
Ostrikov V.V., Zimin A.G., Popov S.Yu. and Safonov V.V.

Multi-Functional Additive for Engine Oils
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 32–34.
Keywords: engine, engine oil, oil ageing products, recondition compound, lube compound.

The article presents the results of a research targeted at an improvement of oil recondition compound performance. New lube concept is offered to facilitate oil recondition and enhance oil lubrication capacity & cleanness.
1 table, 6 ill., 5 ref.
UDC 622.684:574.001.25
Krasnozhon P.A. and Yanchelenko V.A.

Influence of Environmentally-Sound Coolants on Car Engine Reliability
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 35–37.
Keywords: non-freezing coolants, cavitation-related failures of engine parts, reliability and service life.

The article discusses the influence of environmentally-sound coolants on car engine reliability. Engine parts made from cast iron, aluminum, chromized and carbon steels were tested for cavitation- and erosion-related failures when exposed to hot coolants of various compositions.
1 table, 3 ill., 2 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.43

Promissory Technologies to Improve Marine Engine NOx Performance (based on CIMAC 2013 papers)
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. — 2014. — Ή 2. — P. 38–54.
Keywords: diesel engines, NOx emissions, polymeric membranes, oxygen reduction, scavenge air moisturizing, water emulsion fuel, extreme Miller cycle, two stage turbo charging.

A number of shortcomings inherent in known commercially available technologies of reducing NOx emission from marine engines, such as SCR-NH3 and EGR, provide an incentive to look for alternative methods. One of such methods is based on use of polymer membrane which is selectively permeable to oxygen and water vapor. Combination of the oxygen density reduction and air moisturizing proved to be the most efficient from NOx reduction viewpoint. Also, extreme Miller cycle was considered as a means to achieve Tier 3 compliant NOx emission levels. The following features are shown as sufficient to meet IMO Tier 3 specifications: two-stage turbocharging, electronically controlled fuel injection system, use of water emulsion fuel.
29 table, 10 ill., 12 ref.
Contents 2014

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