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UDC 621.431
Rumb V.K.

Life Prediction Rather Than Strength Analysis: Modern Approach to the Designing of Engine Parts
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 39.
Keywords: engine parts, cyclic loading, fatigue life, safety margin, prediction methods.

Lately fatigue life prediction methods are becoming a considerable part of cyclic strength analysis science. Fatigue life prediction method in question takes account of actual safety margin and is based on postulated probability of fatigue breakdown avoidance.
5 table, 4 ill., 5 ref.
UDC 621.436.12
Ivanchenko A.A. and Schennikov I.A.

Selection and Evaluation of High-Speed Marine Engine Configuration
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 1015.
Keywords: high-speed marine engine, performance criterion, Harrington function, mathematical modeling, prospective engine cylinder dimensions.

The method in question enables marine engine shaping at early design stage based on integral performance criterion making use of Harrington function. The work included mathematical modeling of high-speed marine engine rated at 140 kW in several alternative versions. Integral performance criterion has been applied to three design versions in order to select the most promising engine cylinder dimensions.
4 tables, 6 ill., 12 ref.
UDC 621.437
Fedyanov E.A,, Levin Yu.V., Zakharov E.A. and Itkis E.M.

Basic Research of Combustion in Wankel Engine with Hydrogen Injection
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 1618.
Keywords: Wankel rotary engine, hydrogen injection, mathematical modeling, completeness of air/gasoline mixture combustion.

The research included mathematical modeling of flame propagation in Wankel engine combustion chamber. In particular, subject of investigated was influence of hydrogen injection on combustion in Wankel engine type VAZ-311.The authors demonstrated hydrogen injection as a means to enhance completeness of air/gasoline mixture combustion.
- tables, 4 ill., 8 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 621.43.052
Tsyplenkin G.E and Iovlev V.I.

Turbocharging System Optimization as a Means to Improve Engine Fuel Efficiency
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 1928.
Keywords: internal combustion engine, turbo-compound systems, power and steam turbines, hybrid turbochargers, high-speed generators.

The article offers survey and analysis of various turbo-compound systems that encompass power and steam turbines, hydraulic motors and hybrid turbochargers coupled with high-speed generators. It is shown that, in terms of efficiency, use of various turbo-compound systems is equivalent to increase in power or decrease in fuel consumption by 3 to 10%.
- table, 30 ill., 25 ref.
UDC 621.436
Dmitrievsky E.V.

Improvement of Low-Speed Diesel Engine Transient Characteristics
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 2932.
Keywords: Low-speed engine, transient, acceleration under load, turbocharger rotor boost.

The article discusses a system of turbocharger rotor boost with compressed air, designed to improve engine transient characteristics during start and acceleration under load. Experiments demonstrated that low-speed engine featuring turbocharger rotor boost system may be used (in conjunction with alternator) as NPP emergency power supply.
1 table, 2 ill., 4 ref.
UDC 622.684;621,436
Yanchelenko V.A. and Medvedev V.A.

Onboard Ultrasound Diagnostics of Open-Pit Dump Truck Engine Journal Bearings
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 3336.
Keywords: diesel engines, open-pit dump trucks, journal bearings, ultrasound diagnostics, expert system.

A system is developed for onboard ultrasound diagnostics of open-pit dump truck engine journal bearings. The system passed in-service field test. An expert system is developed for truck preparation for service based on onboard ultrasound diagnostics data.
- table, 3 ill., 6 ref.
Contents 2014
UDC 665.
Shatalov K.V., Yakovlev A.V. and Shishaev S.V.

Lube Oil for Heavy-Duty Diesel Engines: Performance Evaluation
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 3742.
Keywords: lube oil, motor test methods, regulatory framework.

The article contains survey of national and international regulatory framework for engine lube oil performance evaluation. A description is given of motor oil test methods used in international practice. According to the authors, national methods to test motor oil performance shall be developed as applied to Euro-4 and Euro-5 diesel engines.
4 table, - ill., 4 ref.
UDC 621.4
Kolunin A.V., Belokopytov S.V., Markov A.A. and Subbotin O.V.

Humidity Content in KAMAZ-740 Lube Oil vs Oil Temperature During Engine Warm-up in Cold Season
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 4345.
Keywords: lube oil, low temperature, warm-up conditions, humidity content, dew-point temperature.

The article considers the reasons of water accumulation in engine lube oil system during engine warm-up in cold season. Presented are the results of experiments targeted at determination of humidity content in KAMAZ-740 lube oil during engine warm-up. Dew-point temperature in crankcase volume was determined.
- table, 4 ill., 4 ref.
UDC 621.43

Development of Fuel Injection Systems for Diesel Engines (based on CIMAC 2013 papers)
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2014. 4. P. 4657.
Keywords: marine engines, fuel injection equipment, mechanical systems, common rail systems, hardware and software, L'Orange, Bosch.

One of the papers referred presents L'Orange fuel injection systems for Asian and Chinese markets. In addition to the significant further development of traditional mechanical fuel injection systems, which experience a continuing qualification for future tasks and a renaissance for large-bore engines, this paper describes in detail the development of two custom-made Common Rail fuel injection systems. Another presentation describes the Bosch electronic diesel control system for medium and high speed engines. Presented are principal features of R.Bosch EDC17CV41 controller hard- and software adapted to marine engine applications. The CAN-compatible controller, sensors and actuators may be seamlessly integrated into an upper-level ship automation system. The papers were translated into Russian by G.Melnik, PhD.
2 table, 24 ill., 3 ref.
Contents 2014

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