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UDC 621.43

Road Map for the Development of Reciprocating Engines in Russia up to Year 2020 (continued)
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2016. 2. P. 315.
Keywords: Reciprocating engines, import replacement, development of dedicated industrial facilities for engine component production, foundry components, fuel injection systems, turbochargers, combustion system components, emission-abatement equipment.

The article presents review of dedicated industrial facilities for engine component production in Russian Federation, its current state and perspective. It is shown that modernization of existing foundry facilities, launching of new facilities for manufacturing electronically-controlled fuel injection systems, efficient turbochargers capable to provide p = 56 per stage, combustion system components, new materials and emission-abatement equipment, are key prerequisites for import replacement program implementation. Furthermore, demand for particular engine components is evaluated.
8 table, 2 ill., - ref.
Contents 2016
UDC 621.436
Gavrilov V.V.

Air-Fuel Mixing in Marine Diesel Engine: Concept and Quality Metrics
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2016. 3. P. 1622.
Keywords: air-fuel mixing in diesel engine, quality metrics, fuel injection system parameters, combustion chamber geometry.

Air-fuel mixing is shown as a key factor of combustion process. Known combustion quality criteria are shown as largely inadequate because of their insufficient generality and fragmentation. The author offers a hierarchical system of combustion quality criteria, wherein ISFC is considered as the key criterion. Based on the offered quality criteria system an optimization problem is stated, whose solution would allow selection of optimum parameters of fuel injection components and combustion chamber.
- table, - ill., 12 ref.
UDC 621.436
Novikov L.A. and Korchinsky V.S.

Evaluation of Shipowner's Additional Expences Involved in SCR Technology Implementation
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2016. 3. P. 23-31.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, emissions, nitrogen oxides, emission control areas, catalytic reduction, operating costs.

The article discusses causes of operating costs grow related to use of SCR, commonly considered to be the first choice technology for reducing NOx emission to IMO Tier 3 requirements. Said technology in marine environment is shown as fraught with technical and operational risks, which might results in operating costs in ECA zones being twice as high as without SCR.
8 tables, 2 ill., 10 ref.
Contents 2016
UDC 621.436

Development of New ZVEZDA and UDMZ Engine Families (based on CIMAC 2016 papers)
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2016. 3. P. 3255.
Keywords: ZVEZDA's diesel engine family PULSAR-M150, UDMZ's DM-185 diesel engine family, engine size and power ranges, design features, control & self-test systems, performance targets, emission targets, operating parameters, prototype engine tests.

The agenda of 28th CIMAC Congress held on June 610, 2016 in Helsinki included two papers presented by Russian engine builders PAO ZVEZDA, Saint-Petersburg, and UDMZ, Yekaterinburg, disclosing the results of the development of respective new-generation multi-purpose diesel engine families. Scope of new engines' applications covers power generation, marine propulsion, raiway transport (locomotives) and off-road machinery (mine dump trucks etc.). Both engine families have been developed in the framework of federal special-purpose program, under which the government of the Russian Federation approved the subprogram Development and producrion organization of a new diesel engine families and their components within 20112015. The papers presented at 28th CIMAC Congress cover engine design features, auxiliary systems and units, performance and emission targets, as well as the results of testing ZVEZDA's PULSAR-150 and UDMZ's DM-185 prototypes.
5 table, 52 ill., 1 ref.
Contents 2016