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UDC 629.01: 621.43: [621.822: 629.3.083.7]
Snarsky S.V., Gaffarov G.G., Gaffarov A.G., Kovalenko S.Yu.

Advanced design of crankshaft axial bearings to enhance KamAZ engine reliability
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 37.
Keywords: KamAZ engine, crankshaft, axial bearing failure, thrust half-washers, oil-supplying grooves, limitation on car tilt angles.

The article summarizes the results of research project targeted at achievement of better reliability of KamAZ engine through improvement in axial bearing design. According to statistics, it is poor lubrication/cooling that accounts for most cases of thrust bearing failures. Engine stand tests were carried out to verify efficiency of new bearing design.
- table, 8 ill., 6 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 621.436
Lysov I.O. and Kamaltdinov V.G.

Optimization of valve timing in high-powered engine featuring articulated connecting rod
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 812.
Keywords: high-powered engine, connecting rod mechanism, slave connecting rod, piston displacement, working cycle, indicated parameters, maximum in-cylinder pressure.

High-powered engine type 12CHN15/16 rated at 883 kW @ 2100 RPM featuring articulated connecting rod was investigated for possible ways of working cycle improvement. Design maximum pressure in slave-piston cylinders was shown to exceed that in master-piston cylinders by 3,6 %, while working cycle indicated parameters therein are better by 1,36 %. It was found that the reason of the above differences is delay of slave piston attaining TDC (vs. master piston) by 1 degree crankshaft rotation, and lead of slave piston attaining BDC by 1 deg rotation. Recommendations are offered on valve and injection timing so as to equalize loads on slave-piston and master-piston cylinders.
- table, 7 ill., 18 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 621.43
Krivov V.G. and Korchinsky V.S.

Diesel power plants featuring special working cycles
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 1318.
Keywords: Diesel power plant, aspiration system, special gas mixtures, oxygen generator, carbon dioxide absorption, operation of engine separated from atmosphere.

Review is carried out of the program for development of diesel power plants featuring special working cycles (operating in isolation from atmosphere). The review covers principal steps and results of tests carried out on prototypes of above described power plant rated at up to 100 kW. This review is published in memory of Prof. V.G. Krivov, D.E., who headed this program for many years as a Director of Department of Military Engineering University (VITU).
- table, 5 ill., 2 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 621.43.052
Tsyplenkin G.E. and Iovlev V.I.

Engine boost optimum level
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 1920.
Keywords: Reciprocating engine, mean effective pressure, boost pressure, engine boost optimum level, equalization of engine and turbocharger outputs.

Reciprocating engine exhaust gas energy may be used to drive turbocharger and engine itself. Both engine and turbocharger outputs increase with BMEP. Optimum boost level is that at which engine and turbocharger outputs are equal.
- table, 2 ill., 3 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 621.372.43.03
Plotnikov S.A., Kartashevich A.N. and Cheremisinov P.N.

Improvement of diesel/rapeseed oil mix for use in tractor engines
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 2124.
Keywords: diesel engine, rapeseed oil, fuel mix, stand tests, engine effective parameters, fuel saving.

Physicochemical properties of diesel/rapeseed oil fuel mix have been investigated. The authors offered new (patentable) fuel composition superior to known ones. The article discusses comparative tests of tractor engine firing pure diesel fuel and its mixtures with rapeseed oil. Engine performance indices and working parameters have been determined for mixes in which 18 to 40 % of diesel fuel were substituted with rapeseed oil.
2 tables, 5 ill., 8 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 621.352
Saidanov V.O., Landgraf I.K. and Kasatkin M.A.

Power plants with fuel cells
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 2533.
Keywords: fuel cell, electrochemical generator, solid polymer membrane, solid oxide electrolyte, hydrocarbonic fuel conversion, diffusive hydrogen separator, combined power plant.

The article discusses main types of fuel cells and power plants based thereon. The authors consider advantages of fuel cells power plants and their possible applications in energy production and vehicles. Krylov R and D Center develops fuel cells with solid polymer and solid oxide electrolyte, and power plant featuring such fuel cells, including cogeneration plants with diesel engines and heat recuperation systems. Some results of this project are discussed.
5 tables, 16 ill., 18 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 355.673:621.182/621.18
Bondareb A.V., Morozov B.I. and Smolinsky S.N.

Refurbishment of heating systems with coal-fired boilers featuring high-temperature fluidized bed
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 3. . 35-42.
Keywords: refurbishment of heating systems, solid fuel boilers, high-temperature fluidized bed, boiler unit type -1,74-, capital cost express-evaluation, production function theory.

Existing RF municipal and corporative heating systems have been analyzed for their technical state. Draft proposals are prepared for heating system renovation and refurbishment of boiler-houses with solid fuel boilers featuring automatic high-temperature fluidized beds. Furthermore, methodology is worked out for selection of cost-optimized refurbishment layout based on production function theory.
6 tables, 3 ill., 5 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 355.673
Oleinik A.S.

Security management for particularly sensitive facilities: mathematical methods and models, as applied to diesel-engine power plants
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 4145.
Keywords: rparticularly sensitive facilities, diesel-engine power plants, security system security systems, act of terrorism, security management mathematical model, optimum security policy.

The article discusses safety management for particularly sensitive facilities: mathematical methods and models, as applied to diesel-engine power plants. Examples are cited of vulnerability assessment for power-related facilities, and infotainment of decision making in case of an act of terrorism.
- tables, 7 ill., 18 ref.
Contents 2017
UDC 621.43

Progress in methods of engine noxious emission measurement (based on CIMAC -2016 papers)
// Dvigatelestroyeniye. 2017. 4. P. 4661.
Keywords: marine diesel engines, emission control areas, measurement methods, measurement results, emission regulations, PM composition, measurement procedures, fast response gas analyzers.

The analysis concerns quantitative evaluation and composition of PM emissions from engines operating on fuels varying in type and quality. It is shown that test results, even if sampling protocol follows the guidelines of ISO 8178, may differ dramatically depending on measurement method, fuel composition and gas dilution ratio before filtration. Any future regulation related to shipping fuel properties control and PM emission levels should consider more strict determination for sampling conditions than currently enforced by the ISO 8178 protocol. The paper includes description of hi-tech gas analyzers, which greatly outperform conventional ones in terms of measurement accuracy and response time. The CIMAC paper is translated into Russian by G.Melnik, PhD.
2 table, 15 ill., 39 ref.
Contents 2017

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